Little more than 150 years ago the greater Vancouver area was a rich temperate rain forest with countless salmon bearing streams. Today Vancouver’s streams are mostly lost; filled in, covered over or robbed of their original water source.  Efforts of passionate volunteers and participating government ministries and departments have collaborated to renew and revive several streams and successfully bring back or safeguard salmonids in Musqueam Creek, Still Creek, Beaver Creek, Hastings Park stream and Spanish Banks Creek. Others are waiting to be reborn or reincarnated, such as Acadia Creek.

Building on the success of restoration work at nearby Spanish Banks Creek where daylighting completed in 2000 today provides fish access to a small urban watershed, Acadia Creek could potentially double the area’s valuable aquatic habitat.  Local Streamkeepers show strong support at Spanish Banks Creek and work with UBC students and land owners to raise awareness of salmonids in the stream habitat near them.  Salmon advocates and the general public now have an opportunity to view salmon at Spanish Banks Creek.  This could be true of Acadia Creek too, if assessment findings show promise and a group agrees to champion the project and secure funding.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I was at Spanish Banks yesterday, east of the Spanish Banks West concession— and just a bit east of the rock outcropping on the beach. There seems to be an underground stream emerging from the sand and running into Burrard inlet/English Bay. I don’t recall seeing this before; is this an out branching of the Spanish Banks Stream?

    • Caroline, we think the water that you saw welling up on the beach east of Spanish Bank West is coming from a buried pipe connected to the ditch south of Marine Drive. The water in the ditch is water that has seeped out of the side hill south of the ditch and east of SBCk. This is ground water from the upper aquifer of the Quadra Sands. Richard & Dick

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