Spanish Bank Creek

In 2000 a coalition of neighbours sparked daylighting the lower portion of Spanish Bank Creek.  Among them were Dr. Bob Saraphim, a geologist, Ron Gruber, who grew up next door in the 1950s.  Sandy Hollick-Kenyon and others (Dick to complete; wasn’t someone else with a hyphenated surname involved?) .

Names by the earliest Spanish explorers, Spanish Banks is blessed with three streams that flow north into Burrard Inlet: Spanish Bank Creek is most prominent, because it is closest to Vancouver. Next west is seepage. Salish Creek flows under the road at Point Grey, where the road rises steeply ascending to the University of British Columbia.  They are located in a highly-used much-loved recreation area, Spanish Banks Park.

Fish now have access to a small urban watershed and Vancouver has a wonderful new area to view salmon.


%22black%22 fishSalish Coho Smolt-1Maurice's fish shot 2013-12-03 at 12.14.47 PM

Each year, students participate in stream restoration.  Check out our Activities, and perhaps become involved?

4 thoughts on “Spanish Bank Creek

  1. Hi I’m doing a project for school and I was wondering what the fish count was (how many salmon there were) in the Spanish bank creek). I was looking for maybe the last 4 or 5 years. I’ve been trying to look but I haven’t found anything so I was wondering if you could give me the numbers?

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